Build for Mainstream Adoption.

Our hosted wallet SDK makes incredible easy for you to provide your users with a secure and usable wallet experience.

Integrating the Bitski User Wallet is Simple.

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import { Bitski } from 'bitski';
import Web3 from 'web3';

const bitski = new Bitski('CLIENT-ID', '');

const provider = bitski.getProvider();
const web3 = new Web3(provider);

await bitski.signIn();

const accounts = await web3.eth.getAccounts();

Open your funnel.

Building your product to work in specific browsers or mobile wallets is over. The Bitski Wallet SDK allows you to provide wallet access natively in your product.

Bitski Apps

App Wallet

Execute programmatic transactions from your app

Your App
Bitski App Wallet
Bitski Vault
Group 10Created with Sketch.Submits Programmatic TransactionRaw Transaction submitted to the NetworkReturns reciept of submitted transactionCredentials Verified& Transaction SignedBitski uses HSMs, so keys never leave hardware and all transactions are signed in hardware.Off-Chain EventListens for new blocks to verify transaction0x28d7293dh729f837

User Wallet

The first wallet built for your mainstream audience.

Quickly embed a secure, mainstream-friendly wallet to your app in just a few minutes.

App Wallet

Execute programmatic transactions in your app.

With App Wallet, you can key off of any off-chain event to execute an on-chain transaction from your backend.