The first digital wallet built for mainstream adoption.

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Say goodbye to clunky browser extensions, hardware wallets and dApp browsers. Bitski allows you to interact with the new world of blockchain, with just an email and password.

Access Your Digital Stuff Anywhere.

Simple to use. Incredibly secure. Accessible anywhere.

Bitski Apps
Bitski Apps

Single Sign-On.

Earn something here. Sell something there. Access your wallet from any app that supports Bitski.

Every wallet is secured by bank-grade security.

Your private keys never leave our secure hardware.

All Bitski private keys are stored on enterprise-grade, tamper resistant, Hardware Security Modules with multiple layers of security (imagine a server warehouse full of hardware crypto wallets).

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All transactions are signed in hardware.

Our authorization stack is built on the latest web service best practices with OAuth2 and OpenID Connect. These are the same practices used by institutions like banks, and email providers, and have been proven through decades of production use.

How the Bitski User Wallet stacks up against others.

Login with Email & Password
Embeddable in any App
Supports all ERC20s + NFTs
Users can’t lose their keys
Hosted Solution
Self-Secured Solution
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Exchange Wallets
Browser Extensions
Hardware Wallets
dApp Browsers


Build blockchain apps that your users will love.

Bitski offers hosted wallet SDKs that power great experiences for applications built with blockchain.


Never worry about losing your digital things again.

Bitski stores and secures your crypto, allows you to access it from any device, and also integrates with the new world of decentralised applications.